Gunks Trapps bouldering Aug 4, 2012

climbed with BeerBouldering.com
Climbers: Yehudah, Chris, John, taka, Yusuke

It has been a while since the last time I went out for climbing, because of my lyme disease incident.  Beer Bouldering friends kindly invited us for climbing so we joined the crew :)
It was super hot day in Trapps... Nothing sticks.  I climbed several stuff but nothing hard but I enjoyed their BEEEEEER!!  Thanks for the beer guys!

今日はBeer Boulderingのメンバーが誘ってくれたんで久しぶりにお外。 ライム病もあったんでおとなしくしてたけど、治ったんで早速お外へ。 しかーし、お外は超暑いのなんの。 V4やらV5やらを打つがそれ以上はヌメって保持なんか全くできない状態だったwww

それでも登ったことのない課題を落とせたしそれなりに満足。 それよりビールがうまくてやばかった。 

We went to Buddha boulder first.  We all tried the different (lower) start version of Andrew Boulder Problem, which may be same grade V4 as normal one but looks good.
Lower start version of Andrew
Figuring out Illustrious Buddha V8
We also tried Hetel Sketel V5 and short version of Dragon Turns V9 which is called The Sensationalist V4.  I managed to finish both of the problems :)
Hetel Sketel V5
enjoying his beer after a good send
Very cool shot of Chris by taka
Carriage Road photoshot with beerbouldering.com
We then moved to Gill Egg V4 because I wanted to see the beta.  I had noooo luck finishing this problem; may be I can retry this when it is cooler.
John on Gill Egg
Yehudah on Gill Egg
Chris on Gill Egg
Moving to Scrambled Egg V3....  Me?  When I finish Gill Egg V4, I will try.
Easy for Yehudah
John is almost there
Chris.... dead on a rock
figuring out the move of Scrambled Egg V3
John aiming for a sloper on Scrambled Egg V3
After climbing we had some ice cold beer.  Thanks everyone!!
taka is sooo happy to have a beer:)
showing his Instagram beer library

Hetel Sketel V5*
The Sensationalist V4

Andrew Boulder Problem variation V4
x The Illustrious Buddha V8*
Hetel Sketel V5*
The Sensationalist V4
x The Gill Egg V4*