Coopers Rock rest day Sep 2, 2012

tasted several wines for free (?)
It rained... We had to rest but I was happy to have a rest day because 4 consecutive days of climbing was too much.

We went out to Forks of Cheat Winery to have wine tasting.  Not many grapes were grown there but we bought some wines with good deals.  

Then we had early dinner at Mountain State Brewing Co.  They had good pizza but the selection of beers weren't a lot.  


特にやることがないんで、10分くらいのところにあるワイナリーへ。 ブドウはここであまり採れないらしい。 でもおいしいワインをテイスティングさせてもらったんで5本ほど買って帰った。 一本$12~$15ドルってところなんで安い。
ended up purchasing 5 wines
早めの夕食ってことでMountain State Brewing Co.へ。 石焼釜のピザはとても美味しかったけど、ブリュワリーの割にはビールのセレクションは4種類しかないんでちょっとガッカリ。 値段も一杯$4.75ともう一つの方と比べても高い。 まっ、でもピザは美味しかったんで良しとする。
less selection of beers, disappointing
salad was well prepared
small size pizza looked big
beautiful side walk in Morgantown

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