GB bouldering June 2, 2013

This is wrong approach! Watch out for TICKS!!!
Climbers: Yeahuda, Randy, Christina, taka and Yusuke

With little bit of information, we went to GB area in Western Mass.  We were fine until parking space but totally got lost getting into trail in the woods.  We walked in the grass and Shiro had 10+ ticks in his hair so everyone should be careful about ticks there!!!

Arrived at one of the famous area.  We were able to locate Crystal Methods V3 and Scary Menelow V4, and sent both of them.  Crystal Methods V3 felt very hard for the grade.

I saw other problems that looked interesting but we knew the storm will be coming so we came down.

今日はマサチューセッツ州の西側にあるGBと言うエリアへ行った。 情報はほとんどない。 草むらでかなり迷ったあげく、シロには10匹ほどのマダニ付着していた、おぞましい!

結局、課題に到着したのは遅く、Crystal Methods V3Scary Menelow V4だけをやった。 Crystal Methods V3はハイボールでV3にしては難しいし怖い。 V4は無事フラッシュ。 他にも有名課題を見つけることができたが大雨が降りそうだったので3時ごろに撤収。

Crystal Methods V3 and Scary Menelow V4
<成果/Sendage - Yusuke>
Crystal Methods V3 -> RP (3 tries)
Scary Menelow V4 -> FL

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