GB bouldering June 6, 2013

cute little dragonfly at GB
Climbers: taka and Yusuke
Guest Climbers: Alex K. and Kyle

Today is the revenge day of GB.  It was cooler but not ideal temp.  I really wanted to do Green Goddess V7 and The Bump V8.

Green Goddess V7 took me many tries especially the first few moves that were very nasty crimps in hot weather.  They are rounded crimps and are hard to hold.

The Bump V8 was easy until this crux bump, for me a deadpoint.  I stuck the bump once but I forgot the last moves and failed.  It took me a while to stick for the second time but I was able to send it.

Alex and Kyle were kind enough to show us around but rain started... though I was able to do Big Hairy White Thing V6 in short time:)

GBのリベンジでっす。 先週見たGreen Goddess V7とThe Bump V8.をやりに行く。 

Green Goddess V7は初めの部分が持ちにくい丸くなっているカチですごく嫌な感じ。 でもそれを耐えたら完登。

The Bump V8は名前どおりで飛ばしが核心。 アメリカ人サイズならスタで飛ばせるが、おいらはデッドorz 初めて止まったときは頭が真っ白で落下orz 次に止まるまで数便打ったが何とか止まって登れた。。。

ローカルクライマーさんにいくつか課題を紹介してもらったがまたもや雨。。。 Big Hairy White Thing V6を2便で登ってさっさと撤収した。 まだまだ課題がたくさんありそうだ。
Green Goddess V7, The Bump V8, and Big Hairy White Thing V6

<成果/Sendage - Yusuke>
Pokey V1 -> FL
Gumbey V2 -> RP (2 tries)
Green Goddess V7 -> RP (10? tries)
The Bump V8 -> RP (10+ tries)
Spak V4 -> FL
Big Hairy White Thing V6 - RP (2 tries)

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