Gunks Near Trapps bouldering Apr 21, 2013

The Pearl V8
G on The Pearl V8
Climbers: Glen, Rina, Taka and Yusuke

Today Glen, Taka and I were hungover, LOL.

I wanted to finish The Pearl V8* after Tim and Yeahuda sending the problem but I had no luck.  I had to waste so much energy at low part of the problem due to no reach to other side of arete.  damn :(

Cream Cheese V6* was cool problem.  Again I had to dead point to the lip.
before Near Trapps
unnamed problem
after remedy
pebble researcher
pebbly holds scientists
unnamed campus problem
fooling with campus climb
unnamed campus problem
serious on campus climb
昨晩カクテルパーティで飲み過ぎて二日酔いorz お昼ぐらいからボチボチ登り始めた。 最近、友人達がThe Pearl V8*を登ったってことだったんでおいらも触りに。

まずはこれまで触ったことがなかったCream Cheese V6*をやりに。 初めのムーヴもそこそこ面白いが、最後の一手もなかなかしびれるムーヴで良い。 悪い角度のカチホールドから悪い角度のスローパーへデッド。 面白かった。 木に激突しそうで怖かった。 Glenの素晴らしいスポットに感謝。
Cream Cheese V6
G aiming for top
Cream Cheese V6
G on crux move
Cream Cheese V6
Rina trying as well
Cream Cheese V6
G again
Beer and Pretzels V1
super spotter G for taka
Beer and Pretzels V1
G wait, no spot for me??
Beer and Pretzels V1
Rina on Beer and Pretzels V1
Beer and Pretzels V1
Taka on overhang but hang over
The Pearl V8*はBishopにあるAtariと似ていて、カンテを挟み込む感じ。 ある程度リーチがないと厳しく、おいらは右のカンテがギリギリ届くという感じで、無駄なムーヴを繰り広げることで届くって感じ。 結局登れなかった。 もしかしたらできるかもってくらい。
The Pearl V8
Yusuke on The Pearl V8
The Pearl V8
only a practice...

The Pearl V8
very long move for me
The Pearl V8
barely holding the right side
The Pearl V8
G was almost sending the problem
The Pearl V8
practicing the crux
The Pearl V8
practiced until end of the day

movie is Cream Cheese V6
<Sendage/成果 - Yusuke>
Small World V1 -> Repeat (1 try)
Little Women V2 -> Repeat (1 try)
Generik Erik V0 -> OS
Cream Cheese V6* -> RP (5 tries)
Beer and Pretzels V1* -> OS
x The Pearl V8*

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