Gunks Trapps bouldering Apr 6, 2013

cold sunset in Gunks
Climbers: Tim, Yojiro, Yusuke and Taka

This is one of those days that I wanted to enjoy some unclimbed moderate problems but the highlight was The Gill Egg V4*.  I always tried low foot hold however today I used the higher foot hold and worked.  That infamous problem for short climbers are down.
Other problems also were dead point and dyno problems, Gill Crack V4 and Marrakesh Dyno V3.

今日はエンクラって気持ちでGunks Trappsへ。 今まで登れなかった/登ってなかった課題たちを触った。 特に今回よかったのはThe Gill Egg V4*。 これまで下の足で飛んでたけど、足を上の方にして蹴ったらダイノが決まった。 長い間、宿題だったので嬉しかったです。 ちなみにこの課題、180cmくらいの人ならサンダルでもできちゃうんですよね…。 ちっ
Yo on Gill Egg
Yusuke on different foot hold
Taka on Goldstone Traverse
Lynn Hill's Traverse
それ以外もダイノちっくな課題たち(Gill Crack V4、Marrakesh Dyno V3)をやった。 なんで今日は飛ぶ課題ばっかりなんだ?w
Yo bleeding on Marrakesh Express
screaming daaaamn
movies are The Gill Egg V4, Gill Crack V4, Marrakesh Dyno V3

<Sendage/成果 - Yusuke>
The Clune Crank V1* -> Repeat
Low Traverse V2 -> RP (2 tries)
The Gill Egg V4* -> RP (4 tries)
Gill Crack V4* -> RP (3 tries)
Tweaky Crack V3 -> Repeat (1 try)
x Lynn Hill's Traverse V8
Black Boulder Problem V5* -> Repeat (1 try)
x Venus in Scorpio V11*
Marrakesh Express V6* -> Repeat (1 try)
Marrakesh Dyno V3 -> RP (4 tries)

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