Red Rocks bouldering Jan 1, 2013

taka trying Pearl V5
Climbers: Glen, taka, and Yusuke

We got at Red Rocks at noon.  Already a zoo of climbers.   taka wanted to try Pearl V5*** so I also tried the problem.  I took me several tries to repeat the problem; still very difficult problem to me.  Dyno problem, Jenna's Jewelry V4* didn't feel hard although I couldn't finish the problem last year.

I flashed Jones'n V4 but topped out leftward.  Traverse problem was pretty difficult but sent it on the second try.  Lunge problem was very fun.

Mantle V2 was fun.  The Huck V5 was cool problem.  I couldn't finish Angel Dyno V6/8 but was fun problem too.
dirty red Shiro
今日は夜にフライトなので早めに切り上げるってことでRed Rocksへ、って言っても午後からスタートしたんでかなりのんびり。 takaがPearl V5***をやりたいってことなんで、一緒に打つことにした。 去年登ったけどなかなか再登できなくて悔しかったけど、何だか違うムーヴしたらできたw 同じ岩にあるランジ課題は昨年敗退したけど、3便で登れた、不思議。

Jones'n V4**のある岩でまずはJones'n V4をフラッシュ。 トラバース課題のFire Fresh Traverse V5/6*は2便。 最後のトップアウトが微妙だけどトポはこのラインだからまぁいいか。 小ランジ課題のDusty Coffee V4/5**は気持ちがよい。

マントル課題V2はマントルの練習に最適。 The Huck V5は飛び出すのが難しい課題だったなぁー。 Angel Dyno V6/8はやってたらできるのではないかなぁとか妄想w でも無理でした…。
good mantle practice problem for taka
bit slabbish at top
動画はPearl V5、Jenna's Jewelry V4、Jone'sn V4、
Fire Fresh Traverse V5/6、Dusty Coffee V4/5、The Huck V5

Warm-up x 2
Clam Bumper V3/4* -> OS
Pearl V5*** -> Repeat
Pearl V5*** -> 3rd repeat
Jenna's Jewelry V4* -> RP (3 tries)
Jones'n V4** -> FL
Fire Fresh Traverse V5/6* -> RP (2 tries)
Dusty Coffee V4/5** -> RP (3 tries)
Earth Angel V2* -> FL
The Huck V5 -> FL
x Angel Dyno V6/8
x Progressive Guy V10

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